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Our Pride



“A credit to the owner and the staff who are flying the flag for independents. Their experience in the cafe trade and customer service in general is a joy to see and just what the town needs"




In Baobab, we are proud to do things right. A key feature of the café is the wide selection of food
and drinks, always made to measure and catering for every need. The key to this are our local

suppliers, some of whom have been working with us (and with our predecessors) for over 20 years

Working with professionals who themselves are so important for the local community helps us
maintain the quality of food and ensure the visitors always leave with a smile on their face and
happy sensation in their bellies.

 The cornerstone of any café is its coffee. Our signature Espresso Oro blend, a mixture of Ethiopian
and Indonesian Arabica beans, is roasted to order on a weekly basis and thus always delivered fresh
and delicious. Espresso Oro gives rich, smooth and velvety flavour with subtle chocolate and fruity
undertones, and if you feel like trying something new, we normally offer more than 10 coffee beans
options to choose from!


 “Growing gem!”

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