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Dogs are welcome

people are tolerated 



“Massive choice and lots of fuss for your furry friend.”


 In Baobab we believe that a good café is a place to treat yourself to delicious food and drinks, but it is also a place to be together with family and friends. Baobab is proud to be an inclusive space that welcomes and caters to everyone and wants everyone to feel equally welcome.


  We are always delighted to have visitors accompanied by their furry friends. Customers with dogs can be seated at the tables outside, but the new, expanded premises in Loughborough and Oakham offer plenty of space for visitors with dogs to come inside and enjoy the food and atmosphere with their four-legged companions. Dogs are treated just like the important guests they are!

Water and treats are always available!


“They are child and dog friendly so it's a fab place to meet friends & family for good coffee and a good natter!”

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